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What are the latest hair transplantation techniques?

What are the latest hair transplantation techniques?


Nowadays, as more people experience hair transplantation surgeries, the need for more developed and modern techniques become necessary. Patients now have different choices and options which make them more comfortable toward whichever decision is.

Of course, a professional doctor / medical team is a must and can get you the best result following an old method or technique but, the method itself will provide even a better result as it was developed to offer more satisfaction to the patient. 

In this article, we will go through some famous techniques of hair transplantation and their advantages and disadvantages:

Let’s start with the most famous and used technique.

The FUT or “Follicular Unit Transplant“:

This method is considered to be the principal one in this field, it involves taking a strip from the donor site - usually from the back of the head - and then divide and separate the Follicles into several groups of 1 to 4 hairs “ Grifts “ and later moving it to the recipient area where the patient examines hair loss or balding. It is a transferring process in basic terms.

The FUE “ Follicular Unit Excision “:

Another principal method in the Hair Transplantation field. Just like the FUT technique, it involves harvesting the follicles from the donor and then transplant it in the recipient site where the patient complains of balding. The only difference is that in FUE, the doctor or medical team does not take a strip of the skin. Instead, the doctor or medical team extracts the follicles unites directly out of the scalp which cause less cutting and more efficient results, then inject them into the recipient area to grow again during the next month. 

The Advantages of FUT and FUE: 

FUT Advantages:

- Time of Surgery: FUT method requires less of a time to complete the surgery because the doctor takes an entire strip unlike FUE that requires taking follicles unites one by one.
- Less Expensive: FUT method is less expensive than FUE because it costs less tools and the technique got old.
- Does not require the entire head to be shaved: in FUT method, a patient does not need to shave all his head as this method means the majority of hair can be left long. While in FUE requires the patient to shave the back and the sides of his head. 

FUE Advantages:

- No Scars: the FUT method leaves linear scars on the back of the head or the area which the strip was taken from. While in FUE method scars are not something to be complained about because they don't exist.
- Short Recovery Time: because the FUE method only take follicles from scalp so it leaves only very small tiny whole that do not need to be stitched and can be recovered within 7seven days at maximum. This is why the majority of people go after this method.
- Ideal for small transplants: patients who need to heal a small surface of balding or thinning hair problems require a small amount of grifts. Thus, this method is better for them.

The HST ‘’ Hair Stem Technique “:

A very genius and efficient method. In this method, only  a specific part is needed to be used and transplanted instead of the entire follicles in the donor.
It uses the Stem Cells that help to regrow the hair and are located in the tissue of grifts or the tissue left in the donor area. Using this method, the result will be amazing as the hair grows back in both donor and recipient areas and because the stem cells are natural cells this will provide the patient with natural hair.
The doctor who developed this method is Dr, Ceon Gho.

Non- surgical hair treatment methods:

- Medication: in some cases hair can be treated using medication like androgen but only the doctor is to determine if a medication is good for your case or not.
- Laser Therapy: can be done in clinics or even at home. Of course, laser therapy can cause bad results if it's used for a case that needs different types of treatment.

There are other types of non surgical treatment that keeps showing up to the world every week but only few of them can actually solve a problem but over all, it is only your doctor or medical team responsibility to choose what treatment is good for you because in some cases surgery cannot be avoided while in other cases medication is good enough to solve the problem. 

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