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Plasma Hair Treatment

Plasma, one of the methods frequently used in hair transplantation applications, refers to the natural plasma fluid of the person. In this method, also known as PRP, person's own blood is used and so there is no risk of adverse reaction. Plasma treatment is basically a method which aims to improve the growth rate of hair and completely heal the wounds in the hair. Our expert teams apply plasma hair treatment professionally to provide you with abundant hair. You can apply to have plasma hair transplantation by applying to our company which provides service in extremely sterile environments and with high quality equipment.

How is Plasma Hair Treatment Applied?

In plasma hair transplantation, it is aimed to reduce hair loss and strengthen weakening hair follicles via the principle of tissue regeneration. For this procedure, 10 cc of blood is taken from the person and this blood is centrifuged in the laboratory. The plasma fluid obtained from this blood is injected into the hair follicles and the application is completed. Plasma treatment, known as PRP, is known as one of the most harmless hairs transplantation methods. Because the blood used during the procedure is taken directly from the person's own body and no immune reaction occurs. You can do all the procedures regarding plasma treatment in reliable way by contacting us. After the necessary blood is taken from you in hygienic environments, it is turned into plasma in our sterile laboratory. This fluid is then injected into the hair follicles together with the necessary interventions.

Who Can Undergo Plasma Hair Treatment?

Plasma hair treatment can be applied to any individual who has been genetically or seasonally experiencing hair loss. In addition, for the people who feel the weakness of their hair, this method can be applied to prevent hair loss. Detailed information is given to you about the procedure when you contact us. The plasma fluid will be injected into the hair in a short period of time, such as 30-40 minutes, after you get appointments. Our unit will make the most reliable operations without any negative reaction.

Plasma Hair Transplantation Prices

All services we provide to you with our qualified physicians, quality equipment and intervention rooms are at an extremely suitable level. People who want to restore their weak and shed hair can contact us to get detailed information about our prices and request a reservation for operations.