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Hair Transplantation for Women in Turkey

Regional baldness caused by hair loss is commonly seen in men, but it has also become widespread among women due to the reasons like thyroid, pregnancy, and stress. This problem, which creates negativities in living standards especially for women who attach importance to their appearance, is solved permanently by our teams. We apply all hair transplantation methods which are demanded all over the world with our professional team, modern and cutting-edge technological devices and completely hygienic conditions. As a company, we also apply modern hair mesotherapy which strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss after having a stronger hair structure.

Hair Transplantation by FUE Method

As a company, we apply the FUE method - which is the most used hair transplantation technique in the world - with close to 100% success rate. In our procedure, which lasts approximately 7 to 9 hours under local anesthesia, our sessions vary as one or several sessions depending on the condition of the person and the hair. In the operation we started by shaving a small amount of hair in the transplant area, we collect approximately 5000 healthy hair follicles from the back of ears, by special tools and ends.  Thanks to this procedure, people do not feel any pain and there is no risk of scarring. Then, we open very tiny canals on the transplant area and plant the collected hair follicles to this region.

Hair Transplantation with Sapphire Percutaneous Method

Our company is one of the rare companies providing hair transplantation with a sapphire percutaneous method which has newly been started to be applied in Turkey.  In this method, which is applied with special devices with very sensitive and fine needles at the end, we open the channels in the transplant area three dimensional as suitable for the dimensions of follicles. Hair angles are arranged as ideal and people get more natural hair appearance with this method.

Other Factors

Our company successfully implements the PRP system which is a must for hair transplantation. We take a small amount of blood from the women who are going to have a hair transplant, centrifuge this blood in the laboratory and extract the necessary sections for the hair and inject it into the hair follicles. In this way, we increase the retention rates of transplanted hair follicles and make them stronger and bushy. We carry out all our procedures with a guarantee and ensure that the balding and sparse are will be restored within one year at the latest. Since we give importance to customer satisfaction, we provide the best quality hair transplantation services in the sector at the most affordable prices.