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Hair Transplant Results in Turkey

Turkey is a country which is at a quite advanced level in hair transplantation. In addition, it is important to know about hair transplantation that people who perform hair transplant procedures are really experts in this field. After all, as a result of the development of tourism in the field of hair transplantation, the number of some firms and ‘fake’ health professionals who are not expert in the field have significantly increased.

In the field of hair transplantation, our company always offer the most qualified service and leave no doubt in this area. Another proof of achieving successful results in hair transplantation is our experience in this field. Both our company and our personnel – particularly our physicians – have accomplished to demonstrated themselves a long time ago.

Recovery Period After Hair Transplant 

The operations to be carried out by our company will be performed in the highly hygienic conditions as well as in the presence of highly experienced physicians. The recovery process will take approximately one year. As a result of this one-year period, the hair will appear to grow naturally. Our company will provide all kinds of services required in this area to its patients and will do everything to make it easier, faster and more comfortable.

Does Pain Occur After Hair Transplant?

It is very natural to have pain as a result of hair transplantation. In addition, it is normal not to feel pain on the first day due to anesthesia applied by our specialist physicians during hair transplantation operation. However, since the effect of anesthesia is transient, it is quite normal to feel a throbbing pain in the first three days after the operation, and there is nothing to worry about.

Hair Growth Process

Hair will begin to grow in the first three months. However, hair strands that begin to grow within this first three months may have a certain curly form. The main reason is that the adaptation process has not been completed yet. In about six months to one year, the hair will become completely natural.