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Fue Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is usually caused by genetic reasons. People who suffer from hair loss complaint at an early age may have problems because of this. However, thanks to the developing technology, the problem can be solved permanently. Moreover, hair transplantation is done in a shorter period of time and provides a permanent solution with the latest technological developments. The most popular hair transplantation method is Fue method.

What is Fue Hair Transplantation Method?

The area where the hair transplantation will be done and the area where the hair follicles will be taken are anesthetized by local anesthesia. By means of micro motors, hair follicles which are collected from donor area are planted to the balding area. This is a painless and short-lasting procedure. It also provides a permanent solution. Moreover, it is not a procedure that requires a person to stay at the hospital after the operation. Small red spots which occur in the transplantation area, heal in a few days. We do our best in hair transplantation with our specialists, in a hygienic and comfortable environment, by the latest technological devices.

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplantation Last?

The person applying to us is analyzed by our experts. The degree of hair loss is examined. This will also help to determine how much hair follicles are needed. Depending on the density of the transplantation area, duration of the procedure may vary from 4 to 6 hours.

Since a deep incision is not performed during the operation, minor redness heals in a short time.

After that, people can do their daily routines after hair transplantation. Hair starts to grow after 3 months and new hair follicles are seen completely at the end of one year.

Where Is Fue Hair Transplantation Performed?

The Fue method, which offers a lasting treatment for people suffering from hair loss, is a treatment that is completed in a short time. This method does not have any side effects and can be applied to people older than 18 years. It is dangerous to have this treatment, which is a medical intervention, in unknown places.

We provide great comfort for our patients with our professional physicians and our professional understanding, which gives special importance to hygiene.  If people who want to have a hair transplantation contact with us, necessary analyzes will be made by us and the cost of this treatment will be notified.