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Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are many reasons for hair loss caused by environment, stress or genetics. However, especially genetic hair loss cannot be prevented, balding areas might be seen on the top of the head or complete hair loss might occur by the time. For all these reasons, individuals can be greatly affected both psychologically and physically.

Professional Assistance Is Important in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the first treatment method for people suffering from hair loss problem. However, if you have decided on hair transplantation, make sure that you contact the companies that do this job professionally. Otherwise, you can experience huge damages in terms of your health. If you want to have a quality and professional hair transplantation, you can contact our company which is Turkey's best hair transplant center.

About Our Hair Transplantation Service 

We use hair transplantation techniques in our hair transplantation center which gives effective results with different methods depending on the degree of hair loss. However, our technique which is applied by our physicians and gives quite successful results is the Fue Hair Transplantation technique. In this method, highly technological tools are used and the method we use is advanced and highly modern. In this technique, hair follicles are individually collected from the donor area and integrated into sparse or balding area.

After this procedure, hair is shortened to 1 mm by our hair transplantation team before the hair follicles are extracted. After this process, the hair follicle is centered with the punching process and hair growth direction is determined. The biggest advantage of our hair transplant technique is that it gives very effective results and natural appearance is seen after the transplanted hair grow. You can also choose us for your hair transplantation requests.

Hair Transplantation Prices 

It is very difficult to determine any price for hair transplantation before the examination and this situation may change depending on the degree of hair loss. In order to determine hair transplantation price, such criteria as the number of hair follicles to be transplanted, the degree of regional hair balding, size of the transplantation area and duration of operation are taken into consideration. Each of these criteria requires detailed calculation.

However, aside from all these criteria, it would be beneficial for you to consider hair transplantation as an operation. On the other hand, we would like to inform you that determining the hair transplantation price per session is the best way. If the price is determined per session, duration of operation and the number of transplanted hair follicles do not matter.

After that, all responsibility and patient satisfaction belong to us. At the end of the treatment, the patient will know how much they will be charged.