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Hair Transplantation for Men in Turkey

Although hair transplantation was not preferred in previous periods, it is now being experienced by many patients due to the rapid progress of technology. If you have any problems with hair transplantation, we are waiting for you at our hospital as soon as possible. A pre-interview is held with our doctor to take advantage of the service. This pre-interview contains detailed information about the patient's health history, expectations of the treatment and hair transplantation, and so on. Then an examination is carried out by our doctor.

If the patient is diagnosed with fungal, eczema and similar diseases in the scalp during the examination, the first step of treatment will be the healing of these diseases rather than the hair transplantation. In addition, if none of these diseases exists but hair structure is not suitable for hair transplantation, mesotherapy method is applied.

Transplantation Procedures

Hepatitis-C, Hepatitis-B and HIV tests are performed in our clinic after the pre-interview. After all the necessary tests are done, the patient’s disease history is evaluated, and other similar pre-transplantation procedures are completed, hair transplantation will be started. The first factor is to take the maximum amount of grafts in order to prevent the integrity of the donor area and make the procedure in a more natural way. If the nape area of the patient is seen to be inadequate, hair follicles are taken under the chin or chest region. In addition, the opening of channels in hair transplantation is one of the important stages. Transplantation process is carried out by ensuring the correct angle and distribution. In addition, the first washing is done at our clinic two days after the procedure.

Hair Transplantation Operations 

In our clinic providing the best service with its professional and experienced team; hair, eyebrow, beard, mustache transplantation, and hair simulation procedures are performed. Our services are carried out by our specialist doctors in a sterile environment, long-term protective and supportive alternatives are offered with high-quality health standards.

Hair Transplantation Techniques 

These techniques vary depending on the hair structure. Apart from the most preferred and common FUE technique, newly developed Percutaneous and DHI techniques are among the applied methods. All the operations show an effect in 8 months and the final result is achieved in 1 year. Besides hair transplantation, Turkey has been very popular in terms of beard and mustache transplantation.