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Where to stay in Istanbul during a hair transplantation surgery?

Where to stay in Istanbul during a hair transplantation surgery?


When you are going to have surgery you need to prepare for it because you need to be ready two days before the surgery and almost a week after the surgery, and if the surgery is different rest duration can be more or less.

Thankfully, if you have a surgery in Turkey you will find several options for you to stay at while having the surgery and all of these options are appropriate for you and your health condition.
Here are some of the options you may find for staying while having a surgery:


This option is very good for you if you are staying for at least 20 or 30 days. Renting a house with its full furniture might be the best option for those who are staying for a long time because they can feel more free and comfortable than a one room hotel. In addition, the cost of renting a house for 30 days is less than 30 days in a hotel.
Renting a house with full furniture starts from 500 USD depending on the area and the features of the house. Of course, if the house you are asking about is in the middle of the touristic area it will cost you about 1500 to 2000 USD.


If you are not a fan of the houses and find it more comfortable to stay at the hotel, then you will be lost between the huge number of options.
Hotels in Istanbul are famous for their good services and nice accommodation so you will not go through a bad experience. Still, it is better to stay in a hotel that is known for its good service, a famous hotel like Hilton, Ramada, or any other famous brand, or a hotel that has good reviews.
Now if you are planning to stay for more than 10 days it is better to search for a deal on the days you’re going to stay in. you can always find a very good price on trustable websites.

In both cases, the hospital or clinic that you are contacting can offer you a full package of medical services, accommodation, and touristic services. So the hospitals or clinics can always offer you a very good price for accommodation in a good place that reflects the hospital services. 

Great, what about the areas or districts? What is the best place to stay at?
It is a very common question but there is no specific answer for it. Deciding the place or area of where to stay depends on several things. The financial abilities, hospital location, touristic location, a calm location but in general we can suggest several options for you to think about:

Perihan Abla Street, Kuzguncuk 

At the Asian side of Istanbul. Perihan Abla Street is a peaceful, warm street that will absolutely calm you down. It is also known to be a historical place with colorful houses on both sides. 

One of the best things about this street is that it holds Jews, Christans, and Muslims all together living peacefully for many long years. 

This lovely atmosphere with the beautiful nature has attracted both locals and foreigners to visit the street and have a walk in it. Of course you will find some cafes, bars and restaurants but you also find some galleries and antique shops. 

Staying there will guarantee you a very different experience that you will never forget.

Beyazit and SultanAhmet

The center of the center. This area contains the most famous tourist places and monuments, very delicious food, and the famous park “ Gulhane Park “. You can find a lot of hotels and houses to rent in SultanAhmet and Beyazit. You need to know that staying for a month in such a touristic place will cause your wallet some pain, so be prepared for it.


If you are having your surgery in the Asian side of Istanbul then Kadikoy is the best option for you to stay at. This area is very famous in Istanbul and you can literally find everything you want or need in it. Cheap markets and very fancy restaurants, cafes next to the sea, fashion shops, streets to have a night walk at, and more things to do. Kadikoy is very big so you can find several options in it, options with low costs, medium costs, and high costs. 

At the end, always remember that you can buy a full package of medical services, tourism services, and accommodation from the hospital. This will cost you less time and probably less money than if you buy everyone alone by yourself. 

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