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Why to choose hospital instead of clinics for hair transplantation surgeries?

Why to choose hospital instead of clinics for hair transplantation surgeries?


This question in particular is very common between everyone who is having a surgery or a therapy or even a medication course. Still, the decision making process in this subject can be influenced by several criterias. Money, location, medical team experience, other people reviews and experiences. Thus, this article will explain the major differences between a hospital and a clinic and tell you why you should choose a hospital over a clinic for a hair surgery, especially hair transplantation surgery.

First of all, you need to understand that there are a lot of cases when you do not need a hospital to cure a disease or solve a problem and there are cases that require a visit to a hospital.

In general, choosing a hospital over a clinic when you’re having a surgery is right. Not to decrease the clinics' value or abilities but surgeries need different types of health care that usually does not exist in the clinics.

Also, hospitals are open 24 hours a day not like the clinics and are well equipped and ready to receive different types of patients.

Usually, a hospital has several doctors with a high level of experience which usually cannot be found in clinics. So even if you could not have the surgery with a specific doctor you can have it with another doctor who has the appropriate level of experience to do the surgery. Your level of confidence will be higher, you can feel more comfort in hospitals than in clinics when having a surgery. 

For hair transplantation surgeries - if talking in particular - most of the hospitals in Istanbul have new developed techniques and equipment that cannot be found in clinics because the costs of that equipment are high and not all of the clinics cannot afford them. In addition, hospitals usually send their doctors to different conferences and different countries around the world to learn the new techniques and methods.
In other words, the ability of a hospital is usually double the ability of a clinic whether in terms of financials or in terms of assets and new technologies. 

In Istanbul, most of the hospitals are up to date with the new technologies in the world, this is to guarantee the best results to the patients, especially that Istanbul has become one of the most important cities for hair transplantation surgeries if not the best in the world. This good reputation did not come out of nothing. At the end this medicine and good reputation in medical services comes only after proving the professional service and this professional service can only be applied when there are good hospitals with advanced technologies and equipment.

Over all, clinics are usually used for routine medical appointments like appointments when you feel sick, or immunizations. While in Hospitals, you may enter them for several reasons:
- Emergencies
- Surgeries
- Medical Appointments
- health care appointments
- Consultation

There are general hospitals, and specialized hospitals. For hair transplantation, both can be good for you as long as they have the required techniques and equipment but, you should consult your doctor or your dental team to decide if it's better for you to choose a general hospital or a specialized hospital. 

The most important reason why to choose a hospital over a clinic is health insurance. Almost all of the hospitals work with insurance companies and let them cover the surgery costs but clinics do not always offer the same advantage. So if you want to have a surgery at a clinic it is better to ask and check for the insurance before starting. 

Finally, clinics are not always ready to give extended medical service like the ones in hospitals. The limitation of equipment, stuff, and in some cases experience, prevent the clinic of offering the waited results. 

In general, clinics are not a bad place to visit and they are not the wrong choice. Clinics are the perfect option for what they offer. For example, if you have a medical appointment, or an Immunization then choosing a clinic instead of hospital is what you should do. While in different cases like emergencies, surgeries, even some types of therapies, it is absolutely better to choose a hospital over a clinic because of the variety of doctors and equipment that help you getting the best results. 

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