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Why to choose Istanbul for hair transplant ?

Why to choose Istanbul for hair transplant ?


Almost everyone has heard about Istanbul and all of the people who visited Istanbul know what makes it a great city. Beautiful nature, an old heritage, delicious food, kind people. 

These facts are known for a lot of people all around the world but, have you ever heard about hair transplants in Istanbul? 

Here are some things that you should know about hair transplant in Istanbul. 

Advanced Techniques: 
In many countries around the world, hair transplant surgeries are painful because of the old techniques used during the surgery. While in Istanbul, things are different. Surgeons prefer to use the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction). This technique minimizes pain during the surgery, does not show any scars after the surgery, the faster healing process, and absolutely no scalpels.
While other techniques require removing the skin, FUE technique only removes follicular units individually from the donor area and then transplants them one by one to the thinning area. 

High quality and clean hair clinics:
In general, clinics and hospitals in Turkey are always clean. Hospitals that do not make sure of cleaning on a daily basis are strictly punished and because of the strong and hard competition in Istanbul, hospitals and clinics always race on applying the newest techniques and methods. 

Economic hair transplant prices in Istanbul; 
The money part is one of the most important parts of hair transplant decision making. The prices of hair transplants in Europe or the United States are absolutely more expensive than Turkey. For example, hair transplants surgery in Europe and The United States cost between 7.000 to 20.000 US Dollars. While in Turkey, it costs between 2000 to 7000 US Dollars including accommodation, surgery, and transportation fees. Some clinics and hospitals also add tourism activities to the prices. 
The less expenses of hair transplant surgery in Turkey is because the government always encourages hospitals and clinics and helps them to offer more to the patients and because of the fact that there are a lot of hospitals and clinics so the prices are not exclusive to a specific hospital or clinic.

Time, Waiting Lists: 
Because of the variety of internationally accredited hospitals and hair transplants clinics, you will not be forced to wait and lose days and weeks or maybe months on waiting lists. You can always find yourself a clinic with not much of a time to be wasted on waiting lists. 

1. Experience: 

In hair transplants surgery new techniques, latest methods, and advanced equipment are not everything. Choosing the best surgeon is more important than what equipment is going to be used. Luckily and because of the explosion of medical tourism in Turkey, doctors and medical teams gained more experience. In fact, some doctors actually became more professional and experienced than doctors in Germany or the United States, it is because of the high number of successful surgeries and treated patients. Still, since it‘s your first time to do hair transplants in Turkey you can check the reviews of both hospitals and doctors in it or simply, ask about the doctors you’re interested in someone who tried hair transplant surgery in Turkey, sure you will find a lot of them. 

2. Affordable Price Packages: 

Nowadays and because of the hard competitions, you can find several options and offers when searching for a hair transplant hospital but most of the hospitals or clinics offer you a price of a package not only the hair transplant surgery. For example, you can count on the hospital to book you up in a hotel, to secure you a VIP car for airport pickups, offer a touristic tour for several days, and even book you a flight ticket. So make sure to search good for offers, and ask as many people as you can because there are a lot of options. 

Of course, the prices will definitely change when you ask for more services but still, it will not be as expensive as if you get it in other countries. 

The medical tourism in Istanbul has taken a different new road, hospitals have changed completely, doctors with more experience have come to the field again, advanced technologies are available in many hospitals and clinics, medical teams are well educated and polite. People from all around the world started to come to Turkey to do surgeries and have treatment there because Turkey gathers all of what you need for a surgery in one option. Experienced doctors and medical teams, clean hospitals, advanced technologies, new methods and techniques, reasonable prices, and for sure... The best touristic experience ever. 

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